Does Massage Therapy Help In Stress Relief?

Given the fast pace of modern life, it is not practical to avoid getting stressed out. However, what is important is to take care of the body so that any such stress is routinely relieved. A lot of people believe in taking pills to cure all their malaise; including stress. However, the most natural and easiest way to rid yourself of stress is massage therapy. To begin with, you can easily try it out at home for yourself to see if it works or not ask your partner or child to gently massage your back torso, leg and face you will be surprised at the amount of relief such a gentle act can bring.

Massage therapy is not a new phenomenon. This form of therapy has existed since 2000 BC in countries like India, China and Egypt. However, this form of stress relief has become popular once again in recent times due to the spate of stress-related illness in the modern urban society. One frequently asked question by scientists and doctors in the regular medical stream is whether massage therapy is for real or is this a placebo Stress is caused due to the release of corticotropic hormone by the pituitary gland. Is it actually possible to rid the body of this excess hormone by simply gently massaging the torso or head of the person experiencing stress?

The answer, surprisingly, is yes. When our body experiences a flight-or-fright syndrome the very activities that cause stress in the body, it releases the excess hormones that impact the general balance of chemicals in the body; also known as homeostasis. The pills that we take to rid our body of stress act on these hormones chemically and thereby reduces stress. Massage therapy on the other hand enhances the blood flow to the cells and tissues in the body. What this does is to relax the muscles in the region thereby expanding them and allowing more natural blood flow. When this happens, the oxygen that is pumped to these various cells of the body increases. This acts as a natural alternative to restoring the homeostasis in the body.

A gentle massage can help in relieving various kinds of stress. A massage of the head increases blood flow to the brain which not only rids the body of headaches, but is also believed to improve memory. A massage of the torso or the legs rids the body of toxins that are built up after exercising. By doing this, the body gets ready for additional exercising. If you have been hitting the gym to build a muscular body, massaging your body could help you exercise more and thereby help you build your desired muscles faster.

Massage parlours have been coming up in every suburb of the country in the past few years. Not all these therapists may be scientifically trained to relieve your body of the toxins built up by stress. Regardless, by picking the right therapist, you can ensure that you are able to rid your body of stress in a more organic and natural way.