Customer Service

Delivery to Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin
24 hour emergency service
Evaluation of client for specialized products
Time and travel to secure proper documentation for patient
Time and labor involved with trial fittings and product sampling
Labor for warranty repair of defective products
Pick-up and delivery of product
Monitoring use of product
Follow-up with physicians (progress and compliance)
User compliance reports
Product and technology training for physicians and therapists
Cleaning of equipment
Loaner products while client’s product is in for service
Respiratory health education to seniors in assisted living centers
Provide oxygen conserving devices for client’s ease of portability of O2
Providing equipment in special cases prior to being able to bill for them
Accepting assignment
accepting full payment at the “maximum allowable charge” rate
Billing of primary or secondary payer sources
Rework of denied claims
Services Provided only by Medical Products Group
Inservices to Long Term Care Facilities